Clean Software

What is clean software and why do you need it?

Russell Edens and Kurt Grafius created Voomify to create clean software. What is clean software? Clean software is comprised of clean architecture and clean code. Clean software meets the requirements in the most simple, yet complete way possible. Clean software is understandable at every level.... [Read More]

Clean Code

Or how to avoid crippling techncial debt

Uncle Bob Martin wrote the definitive book on what it means to write clean code. If you want a full treatment, buy Uncle Bob’s book. 1 This is the TLDR (too long didn’t read) version. We also make an attempt to capture the most poignant... [Read More]

Clean Architecture

Clean architecture has many names. It has been well defined by guru’s in the industry since the 1980’s.1 Despite existing for so long with many names, it is exceedingly rare to find it in the wild. So what is clean... [Read More]